Sept 18, 2012

Hello Friends,

My name is Mustafa. I am 38 years old. A lucky husband and father of 2. We are living in Istanbul, Turkey.

I think it was about 14 months ago, I was sitting at home one night and just spacing out. Thinking about our kids and their future, thinking about my business, how I can make more money, thinking about the things I need to buy for the house, because according to my wife, there is always something missing or we need 🙂 So it was basically one of those useless late night moments.

Anyway, I calculated how old I will be when my daughter finishes high school and goes off to a collage. And the number came out to be 53!!! Could that be right? I knew it was late so I tried to calculate it one more time. Got the same number. I thought about it for a second and said, that’s not too bad, I can retire and have all the time in the world to do whatever I always wanted to do…. Which was…… Hmmmm! Wife and I sure like to travel and take motorcycle trips, but that is certainly not something we can do frequently. Because I am super smart, I realized I needed to find something which would keep me occupied and also allow me to be productive. So I looked back in my life and tried to remember the things I enjoyed doing and can still do after the age of 53. As I was just shooting blank, my good old CANON 450D caught my eye!

Next morning, I started my research for a new camera gear for photography and videography. After about a week of constant reading on the internet, I purchased probably a lot more than what I needed to start my hobby 🙂 I figured I have got about 15 more years to figure everything out and get my retirement hobby ready 🙂

Why I like Photography:

1. First off, I am obsessed with Faces, because I believe behind every face, lies one of a kind story.

2. Making a moment last forever is an interesting feeling for me.

3. Makes traveling much more intriguing. I mean traveling with my wife is fantastic and I don’t need my camera with me btw. (I had to put this down here just in case she reads this 🙂

4. It is a true joy to document our kids as they grow

5. And finally, I suck at writing (as you can see above) But I would like to put this in a more delicate way and say: 1 photo is worth 1000 words 😛

So anyway, I am here to LEARN and SHARE. Please feel free to make any good/bad comments. I hope you like what you see here.

Thank you for stopping by,

Mustafa Arıkan